Services I Offer

Basic Bookkeeping

What it Includes

Income and expense tracking

Understandable explanation of reports

Monthly, Quarterly and yearly reports

Accounting software cleanup or catch-up

Why It Is Important

Know what is actually happening to your money as it comes in and out, from the less fun stuff (like how much you paid in interest) to the rewarding (the cash you get to keep). Use this knowledge to qualify for a mortgage, hire an assistant, or give yourself a vacation. The possibilities are…well, not endless but there’s definitely a lot!

Invoice & Bill Assistance

What It Includes

Entering/Tracking bills

Invoice sending/tracking

Overdue payment reminders

Overdue Invoice reports

Why It Is Important

Avoid overdue payment fees by having all bills paid on time and make sure you’re getting the money you worked hard for. Let me help you get that cash flowing in!

Budgeting Help

What it includes

Identifying spending patterns

Setting spending goals/limits

Compare actual spending with planned spending

Why It is important

Stop wasting or overspending money and put it where you want it. Use the budget to adjust your spending habits, reach your income goals, grow your business, and best of all, pay yourself more. I mean, that’s why you’re in business…right?

Payroll assistance

What It Includes

Gusto software setup assistance

Employee time tracking

Tracking and sending 1099s

Tax calculation, payment, and reports

Why It Is Important

Ensure your payroll taxes, your employees, and your contractors are paid correctly and on time. If you work with me, you will never again have to do the number crunching yourself or stress about making potential errors. I’ll do that part for you 😉

Document Organization

What it includes

Recordkeeping of receipts, bills, etc.

Saving statements for banks, loans, etc.

Categorizing/organizing scanned documents in a shared folder

Why It is important

Stop digging through boxes or folders stuffed with paper and easily find what you’re looking for. Make collecting financial records an effortless task and avoid wasting time transferring information, both for you and me. 

Affordable bookkeeping, your way

Whether you only want a QuickBooks Online cleanup or you want everything from payroll to regular bookkeeping, I can help. Create a custom plan so you’ll only pay for the services you want!